Released Today! Sara Leone “Read My Lips”

Sara Leone’s signature mark of a diamond is rather fitting, as her voice shines in a league of its own.  Do not let her mellow vibes and big blue eyes fool you. At the age of 23, her voice has a depth and range that places her in categories exclusive to only the most talented of singers.
Sara Leone’s new hit single ‘Read my Lips’ and its video effortlessly garner the undivided attention of viewers as this Lady Boss anthem lands the first grenade in women’s struggle for the same validation men receive in dominating roles.
Leone blurs boundaries and greys the line between the typical gender dynamics. The meaning behind the expression ‘Read My Lips’ is personified in its video, with Sara Leone as the master of several man servants that submit to her every desire, both in their relations with her and for long after she grows bored of such love affairs.
‘Read My Lips’ not only serves to portray a powerful and independent woman that knows what she wants and how to get it in romantic endeavors, but in all aspects of life. It embodies feminine power and control: a woman that does what she wants, and is not afraid to be her true self. For the nonbelievers or conformists, it is their problem if they do not like what Sara Leone has to say, because it will never be enough to stop her.


Sara Leone “Read My Lips” Official Music Video 
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Though Sara Leone may be a local legend in and around her small hometown in Massachusetts, she is just getting started and her reach will be limitless. As a singer, songwriter, and producer who plays piano and guitar, Sara delivers a truly authentic feel, reminiscent of the kind rock and soul music that has long awaited its revival.
Though a singer of Rock and Soul, her music stretches far across all different genres and categories. Her inspirations are perhaps just as diverse as the music she creates. From the Beatles, to Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, etc., Sara has a deep appreciation for all kinds of music. The role that music has played in Sara’s life has fueled her progress towards her goals.
Sara Leone “Read My Lips” – Official Music Video 
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For Sara, music has served as “soul therapy,” a complete escape and release of all negativity. In a time where world discord is so normalized, Sara has expressed her desire to inspire people with her music, which she hopes will serve to illuminate the darkness in people’s lives, both on an individual and societal level. Sara explained that to her, “music is such an important and powerful medium, and as I was blessed with the ability to express myself lyrically, I intend to use it to bring positivity and love and change for the better into the world.” I just want to inspire people with my music like I’ve been inspired by so many musicians before me.”
Her music is drenched in raw and honest emotion, the kind that her voice enables you to feel. The passion that drives her creativity is captured in her work, and delivered to her fans in a relatable experience they can then make their own.
Sara Leone “Read My Lips” Official Music Video 

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“Life without Sara Leone music is like a world that has only seen a rainbow in black and white.”
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