Pros & iCons celebrates the fervor of adolescent anarchy in their smash single “Wild Hearts.”

Pros & iCons celebrates the fervor of adolescent anarchy in their smash single “Wild Hearts.” The video sets a struggling artist on the street side of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. After hot wiring a business man’s convertible, the singer jettisons his mundanity and explores the open road. He grabs his fellow street performers on his rebellious journey, culminating in an explosive performance beneath the sunset of the Southern California desert. The song expresses youth, celebration, and, ultimately, the fire burning in every repressed wild heart.
When we sat down at the artistic table of “Wild Hearts,” we sought to create two things: a narrative that celebrated the youthful anarchy of the track and a performance set beneath the desert sky. By “artistic table,” I mean a dark, seedy pub with brews and burgers sprawled across a slab of varnished wood. We threw back the beer-and lemon water for the less adventurous-while spitting out ideas. Mostly, the goal was to comment on the infrastructure of the artist and his/her place in society. We’re from New York. We know the hustle. We know the sacrifice needed to follow your heart, and we know very well the eyes that follow the artist are those of judgment. We admit to defying the status quo and wanted to explore that in “Wild Hearts.”
Pros & iCons “Wild Hearts” – Official Music Video 
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“We jumped at the idea of a street performer stealing the fancy convertible of an untouchable businessman, and people legitimately ignored us as we performed on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard; the roles fell right into place. Once the scene was finished, we rushed two hours to the California desert, not forgetting to stop for tacos, naturally. We then spent hours just driving. Losing ourselves in the moment. Losing ourselves in the music. We forgot about the cameramen keeping pace in their SUV and the drones filming overhead. We dissolved within the freedom of self- expression and bonded with the essence of “Wild Hearts”-to be young, free, and unshackled. Filming lasted all day, beginning at 7am and ending as with an explosive performance beneath the desert sunset.”

Pros & iCons “Wild Hearts” – Official Music Video
Click photo above to download broadcast master 
“We injected our passion in the track, both sonically and visually, and we hope the song reminds everyone of the youth, anarchy, and fire stirring in all of our rebellious, wild hearts.”
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