Project Nightfall x Dropstadamus x Up High – Now I know feat. Judy Moreno

This release has a really interesting presentation to it. For something which appears at first to be a track on the road to EDM-meets-pop – a simple, high-energy, summer dance release – the song that emerges actually leans a little more in the direction of a soft-rock ballad.

The emotional development is huge, incredibly personal in a way but also largely accessible in that the sentiment passes onto you as you listen, and provokes an equally emotional reaction. In actual fact, the pace of the song is the thing that changes your mind about it. If the piece were to be remixed or sped up, the result would indeed be a slightly more familiar, emotional and passionate summer dance track. The fact that there’s a gradual development and delicacy to this makes it fairly unique and refreshing.

The song’s opening riff and distant vocal melody draw a slight comparison with the song Sweet Disposition. The familiarity is short lived though, the leading vocal that appears and indeed the leading melody soon make for something that is much more indie-rock inspired – the gentle side of indie-rock; the Coldplay or Snow Patrol side. In contrast with this idea though, that electronic build up is superb, the music moves from the subtle and soft to the intense and potentially shiver-inducing in a short space of time.

The slow motion effect used at the start of the video somehow suggested this might happen, but it’s never for certain until the build up and the drop finally hit. You then get lost in the song and the music entirely, it becomes personal for you, memorable. The presence of lyrical depth and meaning adds something greatly important. The songwriter leaves a lasting effect on their audience, and that adds to the refreshing, unique nature of the whole release.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing