WKXN/WKXK Power 102.7 FM, 95.7 FM and 96.7 FM (Monthly) 3 stations!

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Product Description

A 50,000 watt Hip Hop blow torch that covers several counties and gets into 2 states! AL/GA
Your track is played 4 to 5 times per on Power 102.7 FM, 95.7 FM and 96.7 FM (Monthly) 3 stations!

Your song must be radio edited and contain NO profanity. It must be clear and professionally produced.
Your song will be played right along with the artists of today from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Beyoncé etc.
*MUST meet FCC Regulations*  – If your track contains swearing, please let us know in advance!!!

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PLEASE FORMAT THE FILE NAME AS “Artist Name – Song Title.mp3″ 2. The song is a clean version (if possible). If the song contains vulgar language by FCC standards, then make sure to mark the song as “dirty” or “unedited.”


Disclaimers: We accept no liability for any loss you occur with advertising your product or service.


1. Track must be suitable for radio* (or we’re notified, first)
2. Track must be mastered
3. Royalties are paid through broadcaster – Not Exposed Vocals*
4. Track MUST be in mp3 or wav format.

By purchasing this Advertisement you agree that you’re an authorized representative of the track and that you agree to it being played on FM Broadcast. Exposed Vocals does not and will never claim ownership of copyright. 

Federal law and FCC rules require that employees of broadcast stations, program producers, program suppliers and others who, in exchange for airing material, have accepted or agreed to receive payments, services or other valuable consideration must disclose this fact. Disclosure of compensation provides broadcasters the information they need to let their audiences know if material was paid for, and by whom.

All Exposed Vocals sponsored material is explicitly identified at the time of broadcast as paid for and by whom, except when it is clear that the mention of a product or service constitutes sponsorship identification.

Under U.S. law, 47 U.S.C. § 317, a radio station can play a specific song in exchange for money, but this must be disclosed on the air as being sponsored airtime, and that play of the song should not be counted as a “regular airplay”.


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