We will sponsor (1) track for (1) month on Kiss 104.7 FM

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Getting onto radio is incredibly competitive, and when it comes to large Commercial Radio Stations in major radio markets, getting on the playlist may be downright impossible for musicians outside of the major label system. That doesn’t mean that radio play is out of reach if you don’t have a big budget and/or big movers and shakers behind your song. For a limited time:

Get your single played (30) times throughout the month on Kiss 104.7 FM during our sponsored air time.

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104.7 Kiss FM is an FM radio station based out of Southeast AL and Southwest GA. Over 140,000 people reside with over 15,000 households, 9,000 families

PLEASE FORMAT THE FILE NAME AS Artist Name: [Song Title].mp3 2. The song is a clean version (if possible). If the song contains vulgar language by FCC standards, then make sure to mark the song as dirty or unedited. 


We accept no liability for any loss you occur with advertising your product or service.
Includes (3) Proof of broadcasts please see below. *MUST meet FCC Regulations* “ If your track contains swearing, please let us know in advance!!!
We can fix that! (service fee for radio edit is $22.50 per track)


1. Track must be suitable for radio* (or we’re notified, first)
2. Track must be mastered
3. Royalties are paid through broadcaster “ Not Exposed Vocals*
4. Track MUST be in mp3 or wav format.

By purchasing this Advertisement you agree that you are an authorized representative of the track and that you agree to it being played on FM Broadcast. Exposed Vocals does not and will never claim ownership of copyright.  

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