PLVNET – Street Lights “successfully fuses that indie rock element with accessible pop melodies and emotion.”

This is a really enjoyable track, it successfully fuses that indie rock element with accessible pop melodies and emotion. The verses are notably reminiscent of the Morning View era from Incubus, this is in both the leading vocal performance and the heartfelt subject matter approached in a fresh and unpredictable way. So with the song comes a touch of nostalgia, and a reminder that there is so much talent and passion thriving throughout the independent music world that is more than worthy of our attention and affection.

It’s a really great song, simply put. The mellow verses lead well into a powerful chorus that is doused in a Foo Fighters sort of strength. The lyrics touch on something that will probably relate to each listener uniquely, the concept of ‘Don’t let me do it again’ will hold a personal poignancy with so many people, with regard to whatever it is the line conjures up the mind when listening. The guitar work and craftsmanship of the whole track suggest a tight band with awesome chemistry. The structure pays tribute to effective musicianship and a strong and varied display of drum work. There’s even a beautifully modest yet skilful guitar solo, well placed so as to seal the deal for anyone who wasn’t sure whether or not this was their new favourite band.


The energy of the piece is wonderful. As mentioned, the structure highlights the varying moments well, the emotional changes are underlined by all involved, so you can tell that a live performance would be something powerful. It would probably be an everyone involved, anthemic sort of moment, particularly as that hook section hits. Here’s hoping the band make their way to a nearby venue at some point in the next twelve months.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing