Phenix feat. Maserati Rome – Ride ” this track showcases an immensely powerful singing voice”

The intro to this track showcases an immensely powerful singing voice. The tone of the voice is really unusual and the range is immediately impressive due to the nature of the hook melody. As the music starts to emerge the track has an uplifting and enjoyable energy about it that sort of takes a little from classic hip-hop and a little from the more dance or pop production world. The rap verses bring the energy to a more mellow and laid back level that creates a striking contrasts with the intensity of the hook. It’s an effective contrast and it makes for a further unusual element – the hip-hop and the huge pop vocal hook, all arranged in an unexpected and fairly fresh manner.

On occasion the vocal melody part seems a little higher in the mix than its peers, but everything about the song itself works brilliantly. The likelihood of this being a powerful song to witness performed live is pretty high. The creative production is worthy of great performances from all involved, with everything from the piano to the synth involved instrumentally, and the rap to the sung vocal style lyrically, the whole collective has the potential to really leave its mark.


Structurally there’s definitely room for a longer verse section, for more of that mellow, spoken word style element. The second rap vocal adds even further to the level of change and evolution within the track, and it works as well as everything else. The male rap vocal in the opening verse though feels like it could go on for a little longer and not get tiresome. Hopefully there’s much more to come from those involved. The final section and the dedication in the lyrics add a notably human touch to the song

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.