Perren Street Parade Murmurs & Moans “has something of a hypnotic effect”

Murmurs & Moans is a comforting sort of indie track right from the offset. The sound of the acoustic guitar adds a warmth that is soon enough energised by the leading vocal performance and the consistent rhythm of its delivery. The guitar riff that runs throughout gets caught in your mind almost instantly, and in fact this repetitive musicality by nature has something of a hypnotic effect, so you find yourself lost in the song and therefore focusing on these robotic-like lyrical outpourings – focusing on the words, the ideas, the rhythm – and later comforted and further satisfied by the changing voice and the changing melody of the hook. The same thing happens again as the instrumental interlude comes into play. The whole track has been thoughtfully written and structured so as to really be the sort of go-to, reliable song for indie fans looking to escape from or enhance their current moment.

The music for the most part has a fairly organic feel to it, so you can picture a live show, you can pick up on and believe the realness to it all, and yet there’s definitely also potential for a big or full band indie performance – distortion and all – of the exact same song. Perren Street Parade always offer great songwriting. The style of the writing is very cleverly portrayed, and yet this never comes at the cost of emotional value or honesty. The words are poetic and loaded with feelings reflecting real life.


The more you listen to Murmurs & Moans, the more the concept and the ideas within start to take shape, and the better your understanding becomes. As with all great songs, the meaning tends to attach itself in varying ways for each who listens, but as long as you can get that ‘something’ from it that feels real and worthwhile, you’re likely to return again and again for the same hit.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing