Nune aka Mr. Propane with exclusive interview

Louisiana. Named after France’s King Louis XIV (history lesson, y’all), the boot-shaped state has a rich and storied history when it comes to American music.

One of the great musical capitals of the world and the birthplace of many various styles of rock and roll, blues and hip-hop. However,  Blues may not be the first music that comes to mind when people think about Louisiana. New Orleans is renowned as the birthplace of jazz and Southwest Louisiana is noted for its homegrown zydeco and Cajun styles. It’s nearly impossible, however, for a state bursting with music not to have some amazing up-and-coming unsigned and independent artists rising through the underground ranks. One such artist is Nune aka Mr.Propane.

        Exposed Vocals Score 8.2/10 

Overall, this track has a lot going for it; a superbly produced southern-flavored piece of hip-hop that is equally radio and dance-floor friendly. It will appeal to the currently huge mainstream downsouth crowd and beyond due to its fine pop sensibilities. Mr. Propane is busting through to the mainstream reiterating that the South indeed had something to say!

Now, we’re not saying nobody ever closed the doors on the East Coast and the West Coast. Nobody’s ever closed the doors on those markets. It’s just that the South caught a run and with artists like Nune, it’s just been so obvious.

Check out our exclusive interview with Mr. Propane here