Nick Kingz – ‘Let Me Speak’ “undeniable confidence and commanding presence”

Nick Kingz proves to be a deft storyteller on the fantastic flows of “Let Me Speak”. Crafting narratives with such ease, the entire collection opts for a perfect balance between nostalgic looks back on one’s past while a longing for a better future drives it forward. Samples drift in and out of the mix, with nimble grooves working wonders. Highly articulate the tracks choose a nearly dreamy temperament, as melodies have a hypnotic aura to them. Rhythms feels so crisp with the bass hitting just right. Further tying all of this together is a mixture of swagger and playfulness, while Nick Kingz incorporates pop and style references into the overall overarching themes.

Gentle guitar introduces the powerful “Let Me Speak Freestyle”. Vocals move at an incredible speed while an entire life passes by, one that reveals a past way of being. Glistening tones and beats skitter about on the surreal “LML (feat Javy)”. With a great sense of humor comes the wild spirit of “Gucci Snakes”. By far the highlight “Jealousy” comes straight from the heart. With an incredible tenderness, the song unfurls into a feeling of true togetherness. A bit of ominousness defines the hard-hitting beats and eerie groove of “Diablo”. Bringing the entire collection to a close is the love song of “Without You” where Nick Kingz speaks directly and honestly.


“Let Me Speak” shows off the undeniable confidence and commanding presence of Nick Kingz, delving into a grand stream-of-consciousness.