Music Review – Xavier Toscano – Never Wanna Leave

Never Wanna Leave is superbly written and produced; every sound is exemplary, and the whole thing has a strong, warm, accessible feel to it – that stunning studio quality adds an all-important dynamic to the track, and means you can listen at full volume and it only amplifies the effect further. The song is melodic and gentle at times, then heavy and hard hitting for the chorus section – those synths intensify, and this wall of sound surrounds you as you listen. It’s a great song and a really great vocal performance. It is indeed the kind of track that could provide the essential sidekick to a busy and productive day.

From a song writing perspective, it’s a strong as anything – the hook is immensely powerful and effective, and although the production is so brilliant and so all-encompassing at times, you can quite clearly tell that this song would work equally as well if it were performed acoustically. It would be nice to hear a stripped back piano version in fact, though the strength of the music behind the lyrics and melody is a huge part of what makes this such a great piece of music. It makes you want to listen again and again, slightly louder each time even, and that’s a brilliant thing to achieve.


There is a hint of a dance and trance kind of vibe; the beat, the riffs, the vocal reverb, but all in all it’s quite simply a fantastic pop song. You can hear it accompanying a fairly adventurous video or film. It’s a feel good song, with love and devotion at the heart of it’s message. It’s inherently colourful, bright lights shine in all the rights places throughout the music, plus, it’s brilliantly structured – never boring, and consistently throwing something new and exciting in to the mix. Really nice work.

By Rebecca Cullen