[Music Review] Time Pass By by xQUVNx ” light natured, easy going, jazz like vibe”

The light natured, easy going, jazz like vibe of the backdrop fuses well with the hip-hop beat in this track, and the leading vocal in fact, all of which works effectively in holding up a mellow and deeply reflective piece of music and writing. The artist’s leading voice fits in with the mood of the music, and the music develops in a very minimal way, if it all in fact, it’s a perpetual loop that cleverly reflects the concept of time passing by and things just going around and around.

The song has a laid back energy, as mentioned, and the hypnotic, repetitive nature of everything involved reinforces this throughout. It’s a notably short piece of music, just two minutes and eighteen seconds, so in reality the concept and the vibe don’t get much chance to become tiresome. The whole thing works and expresses the meaning strongly. The honesty in the verses is commendable, the lyrics are almost like a diary entry, a real series of moments in which listeners can get to know the mind of the artist and his feelings towards life and the world. It’s something that is likely to draw people in, make them feel as if they can relate to this, that it’s something they understand.


Honesty and openness are always appreciated, and the track is well produced with a really nice vibe, so you enjoy it once involved. Rolling with your own experiences is also crucial in creating unique music that is fresh and offers something unusual or unpredictable. Nobody does you better than you, as they say. The artist seems like the sort to never hide away from this, so the prospect of more music is a hopeful and promising one. The potential stories to unfold are likely to intrigue audiences further.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing