Music Review for Nasty Nick – Right Now

‘Right Now’ takes that blissful ambiance of Nasty Nick’s music even further. The opening chords, the chosen synths, the overall atmosphere generated by the music, gives off a great vibe to draw your attention in and keep you calm and attentive for the remainder of the song.


The initial vocal performance has a great style to it, at the same time as presenting a noticeable yet easy to listen to melody. The classic leading rap vocal that follows is the familiar sound of the artist doing what he does best. The calmness is crucial, the confidence comes naturally, the performance is easy for the artist and that makes it easy to listen to. The voice is soaked in character, and that’s immediately familiar after having listened to earlier music from Nasty Nick.


The lyrics in this one really shine through as well, particularly when the male singing vocal is replaced by just a snippet of the female vocal; there’s this vast amount of musical space, within which you can really take in the words and the melody that was used. The sound is recognisable now, fusing a sort of cinematic ambiance, with a classic and vintage r&b meets hip hop style. The music is likely to make you day dream, conjuring up images in your mind – an accompanying set of visuals would be appealing, the music alone could play a huge part in some upcoming, independent or cult movie.


That backing track is strong, mellow yet captivating. You can tell at this point that the vibe on any upcoming album or EP from the artist would be consistently this sort of easy going vibe. The mix is effective, the production brings out everything at once; all of the elements seem to be at the same level, so you’re not just focused on the leading voice, or the beat – it’s all peacefully balanced.

By Rebecca Cullen

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