Music Review – Jedidiah “Let’s Run Away” (Remix) [Featured]

There’s a lot to love about this mix, the music has an instantly uplifting and enjoyable vibe to it. The backdrop is simple, but well produced and featuring a good choice of chords and instruments to build up this mellow and peaceful scene. The vocals across the track seem well integrated into the music, there’s a little bit of a few different styles in there, so it doesn’t get tiresome or repetitive, there’s plenty of change. At the same time as this, what’s unusual and quite appealing about this track, is that the backdrop (as described) continues throughout in pretty much the same manner as it started. This looping effect gives off a hypnotic and trip-hop like kind of sound, which is not normally heard as the back drop to this kind of music. The more you listen though, there’s a lot that really fits and works well with this, the lyrics in particular, and the harmonies.

For what initially sounded like a chilled out hip-hop based track it unexpectedly and effectively evolves into something else entirely. The mix has created a sort of storytelling in itself, lyrics aside even, the music takes you on quite a journey as things develop and build. The deeper vocal featured at the very start was a really strong one to use in the intro, it holds a good contrast with the next one, it would be good to hear this voice return once or twice later on in the song, just to keep that interesting element of change present.


As the song comes to an end there’s a noticeable beat-box performance, it’s not obvious if this is included elsewhere, but again, it’s another wonderful little characteristic that helps gives this track a real world of it’s own. The music leaves you feeling good, the best kind of after effect.

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By Rebecca Cullen

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