Music Review for ‘Shots’ by Danko ” it makes you want to replay and re-listen”

It’s a great instrumental that runs in the backdrop to this track. The sounds cascade and collide in a hypnotic sort of way. The beat itself has the essence of hip-hop to it, making the rap verse settle well alongside of it. The rap vocals are fairly low tempo yet there’s an intensity and confidence to them that draws the whole thing away from the mellow and a little closer to the high energy.

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The sound of the leading voices have a lot of character about them. The flow is consistent and a lot of the rhymes have a strong impact due to the performance style and their placement within the music. The second verse in particular is quite addictive to listen to, the flow is notably tight and feels like another instrument woven into the mix, yet you’re keen to catch those lyrics – it makes you want to replay and re-listen and get properly acquainted with it all.


The hook section has a simplicity to it that feeds into a lot of classic hip-hop presentations, the repetition does what it needs to, the vocal melody snippets in the backdrop add a nice bit of variation and reinforce the fact that this section is intended as the chorus. Interestingly the hook sections actually provide a mellow breakaway from the verses, so you anticipate the return of the verse, you look forward to it, and, as mentioned, it hits with impact when it arrives due to the surroundings and the quality of the performances.


The story presented in the verses ties into that sense of character and it works well alongside of the unique and interesting musical backdrop. As stated, things get better as the tack progresses, the second verse is fire and comes at the right time to really draw you in and keep you listening to the end.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.