Music Review for Limit Fox – I Am Alive

This is a hugely interesting piece of music. The initial beat, with it’s simple yet industrial presentation, builds up a pretty big musical sculpture – it conjures up images in your mind, as it progresses, increases, intensifies. There’s a lot of experimentation in the music, on a fairly unique level – there’s no sign of melody or any particular hook to draw you in, just the music as the art form that it is.

The vocal parts distract a little from the ambiance created by the rest of the track, the robotic performance sounds a little clichéd next to everything else, but the benefit of it is that it adds this additional dimension to the sound – it offers a break in the music, a moment of humanness, strangely; robotic humanness, something to attach emotion to. With such a high level of experimentation and creative play highlighted throughout this track, there is definitely room for a more unusual vocal effect to be toyed with – to push the limits of musical freedom even further. That’s probably the kind of thing that is likely to come along with future music from this artist, and the level of uniqueness is intriguing – you’d want to know what else was to come.


At times it feels like a factory setting, the scene is not purely musical, it’s a moment, or a series of moments; it’s an event. It feels like something big is happening, that perhaps an exciting set of visuals might one day accompany this array of sounds and beats. The title and concept is hugely appealing and memorable, which is a wonderful thing, particularly with music that is largely instrumental. You remember it for what it is, it doesn’t just get lost in the vast ocean of instrumental music. This track definitely stands on it’s own two feet in a number of different ways. A huge amount of character is evident, so any upcoming releases are likely to follow the same compelling and artistic pathway.

By Rebecca Cullen