The Mrs “Blink Of An Eye”

In a People Magazine Exclusive Premiere, The Mrs dropped the music video for their next viral sensation “Blink Of An Eye” on Saturday May 13, 2017.

The Austin-Based, all female pop/rock band, The Mrs are sexy, modern, liberated and unapologetic wives and mothers who rock and promote themes of female empowerment, designed to connect with today’s contemporary woman who strives to live a full and active life, without limitations.

The Mrs combines modern pop sensibilities with soulful, vocal harmonies to create songs as meaningful as they are infectious. An all-female band here to remind you to be true to yourself and live that YOLO life, The Mrs is on a mission to give you something different, because they are something different.

In 2014, The Mrs released their “Magic Mirror” video, which featured their first single, “Enough.” It became a viral success, gaining over 5 million views on YouTube, and finding its way onto Good Morning America and The Queen Latifah Show. It’s now been translated into multiple languages by fans. In 2017, The Mrs was a breakout act at SXSW, and released their first full-length album in March of that year.



“Women often feel like they have to choose between a career and a family, especially if their chosen path in life is creative. Well, The Mrs is here to tell you that’s BS.” –Galore

“…music that speaks to the modern woman, exploring the daily reality of wives and mothers, and offering a support network and a message of empowerment in an effort to shift the cultural tide.” — Yahoo! Music

“Sexy, modern, liberated.” -All Access

The Mrs “Blink Of An Eye” – Official Music Video
Click photo above to download the broadcast master

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The Mrs “Blink Of An Eye” – Official Music Video
Click photo above to download broadcast master 
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