Me and My Momma” by Nef Dallas – produced by Grand Finale from Lost Cause

The sincere and heartfelt story-telling showcased throughout this release helps make it something incredibly real, endearing, and easy to appreciate. Quite often in music the story-telling is the thing that lets it down – the sound can be as creative and crisp as ever, but without a unique and personal narrative there’s little to grab your emotional attention or connect with on a deeper level. What the rapper and lyricist presents here is a track that directly addresses the Mother in question, it comes through as a private declaration of a love and fond memories, almost as if there was no other audience in mind – like you’re witnessing a page from a diary or a grand reunion that is soaked in joy and comfort.

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The music running behind all of this really works well in highlighting the song’s sentiment and the ongoing development of the story-line. The simplicity of the keys, the intermittent strings, the lightness of the beat – it all keeps your focus in the right place and yet at the same time provides that essential rhythm and upbeat chord progression to properly represent the emotion and happiness of the track. The music lays the foundation, but the rap vocal leads the way – the space created by the instrumentation allows the ideas to really shine brightly.

The artist’s leading voice has a certain tone and smoothness, a sense of character, that comes through as new and quite distinct. There’s a softness to his performance that fits the narrative perfectly. His appreciation for the woman in question is beautiful and of absolute importance, particularly during times of social turmoil such as that which has been created of late in the public eye. A greatly appreciated sentiment.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing