Miranda Writes – Know Your Worth “speaks volumes for the quality of the rest of the album”

Miranda Writes has released an album entitled ‘Know Your Worth’, and if the title track is anything to go by, the music strongly represents this sentiment and the underlying confidence and drive that is the heart of her sound.

Instrumentally the track takes the rhythm and mellow energy of classic hip-hop and fuses it in a creative yet fairly minimal manner with a modern day, dreamlike ambience – the effect of which is a contrasted yet effective soundscape upon which her leading vocal really stands tall. As the track progresses, her flow increases in intensity, you can hear the passion rising and so the underlying message of the song intensifies as well – you end up with this motivational piece of music and writing that you can turn to when you need a little confidence or enthusiasm boost.

The track has a sound that seems quite distant in the way that trip-hop or experimental electronica often does, rather than the more commonly loud and in-your-face style of much of today’s hip-hop. The use of reverb in the production furthers this effect and adds an element of other worldly wisdom to the sound.

Listen to ‘Know Your Worth’ by Miranda Writes

The artist’s voice shines a little brighter in this setting, purely due to the context and the musicality of the track. The focus is on the subject matter and mood of the music, rather than on simply the sound of and statements made by the leading voice.


It’s a humble yet strong release and likely speaks volumes for the quality of the rest of the album. Inspiring music always has a place in the world, we need it more and more as time goes by. To offer that, as well as the necessary creativity and character required to keep and audience engaged, is invaluable.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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