Miranda Writes – “Ask Em” “pure energy of hip-hop, without all of the gimmicks”

“pure energy of hip-hop, without all of the gimmicks”

Miranda Writes has a certain sound to her music and performances that presents her individuality well. The vocal performance throughout ‘Ask Em’ has a cool and calm vibe to it that portrays a carefree kind of confidence. Alongside of the fairly classic hip-hop sounding beat, this approach fits well. The musicality of the track is anything but minimal. There is this occasional moment of stop and start, of creative mixing, added sound effects, pauses to get you focusing on the lyrics.

The latter half of the track has a notable amount of space around the vocal parts, it coincides with the questioning aspect of the verses and also the melodic, sung part. As a result, you find yourself focusing on each moment, each idea, intently and with consistent interest. The track has a darkness to it, a fairly serious undertone or underlying energy, but it’s given a brightness by all of the variation with the mix.

Miranda shows a few different styles of performing within a short space of time, yet all of it still sounds true to who she is, and all of it fits well within the walls of the track and the vibe of the music. Being able to effectively fuse variation and consistently is crucial in keeping an audiences attention as well building and representing a specific and unique personal style.

This is something Miranda Writes does well, and it’s something her fans are likely to respond to and come back for time and time again. Furthermore, the very classic, pure energy of hip-hop, without all of the gimmicks, is often lacking in modern music. There’s also space on the scene for those representing the essence of the genre and yet still bringing plenty of themselves to the stage.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

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