What makes Exposed Vocals different from other music hosting companies?

We do not do the whole “Drag-and-drop” or ready made sites for musicians that do not have coding or SEO experience. That’s because you get one-on-one design help from experts for your custom website.

This is actually included in your monthly plan! 

We’re not going to bash other hosting companies that offer similar services. However, we are going to offer you a much better deal.

What are other music hosting companies offering musicians?  

Most advertise as “Hosting for Musicians”. This is all really just automated services with pre-built themes with drag-and-drop features. This is great for DIY artists, but what if you wanted a custom website that doesn’t look like thousands of other sites using the same type of services?

What is Exposed Vocals offering?

We’re offering you the opportunity to get your very own , custom website designed, built and managed by actual developers! Our ONLY charge is $49.99 per month. We do not have extra hourly fees and you can cancel at anytime! We will not brand your website with *Exposed Vocals*.

What about hosting? 

Hosting is included with the $49.99 per month fee. We’re going to host this new website on our lighting fast and secure servers and you will have admin access to go through and make your own edits and changes if you’d prefer our developers not help with your project.

What if I want to sell my music or band merchandise? 

Another thing that we offer that similar music hosting companies do not is an advanced eCommerce solution that allows you to accept payments through PayPal or Credit Card. You can sell your music and band gear to your fans. You will be able to update your inventory, process orders and deal directly with your fans. This is a 100% COMMISSION-FREE Store. Other providers will ask you to pay up to 15% commission on orders! That means you can sell downloads, CDs and merch right from your website. Exposed Vocals doesn’t take a cut. You keep 100% of your sales.

What about SSL certificates for my website? Aren’t they expensive and annual fees? 

Part of the process of starting an online store is finding a way to secure the experience for your shoppers. You want your potential customers to feel safe, of course, and to know that their data isn’t going to fall into the wrong hands. If you’re new to eCommerce, you might have heard some chatter about SSL certificates or HTTPS as part of this security process. And you might be utterly confused by it. Relax — that’s normal, and we can help.

See SSL on Exposed Vocals

SSL sounds like a complicated topic, but once you understand the premise and why your store might need it, it’s not something you’ll have to spend any time worrying about. In fact, for all of our artist websites, you will get a certificate to add SSL to your store automatically!


SSL certificates can be purchased from a wide variety of third parties. Many domain resellers offer them to their customers (sometimes even bundled with your domain name), and there are also independent companies who sell only SSL certificates. Pricing for paid certificates typically ranges from $30 to $50 per year for single domains, and up to $300 per year for multi-domain or wildcard options. If you purchase a hosting plan with Exposed Vocals, this is included and you do not need to worry about it.

What about support? You mean to tell me I can reach out the Exposed Vocals team whenever I need design help and they will respond with my edit request for FREE? No additional fee’s? 

Yes, this is included in your monthly fee. See, I told you we were going to offer a better service! What are you waiting for? Let’s get your domain registered, your website hosted, your SSL installed and your website designed!

All you need to do is subscribe!