M Dominik – Come Stay

M Dominik’s latest track brings back the now familiar and wonderfully unusual sound of the artist’s voice and lyrical prowess. The song is deeply emotional, this you can hear in the words, the repetition of the hook, and the increasing passion and intensity expressed throughout the vocal performance. The song itself puts forth a plea, perhaps emotional desperation or a deep need to connect with someone. The music backs up this underlying theme in a fairly simple but generally effective manner. The instrumentation is nothing particularly uncommon or striking, but it leaves space to focus on the words and the voice, which are the essence of the sound M Dominik generally creates. Having heard a number of the artist’s songs now, the piano chords opening up the track and continuing throughout seemed a little basic, but considering the effect of this being to draw your attention to the hook, the concept, and the harmonies, it’s a fair decision.

The way the artist constructs her phrases, lyrically, is always really interesting – this is a big part of what makes the songs so captivating. The melodies are, for the most part, unpredictable, and the hook section in this case has something unquestionably fresh and original about it. There’s perhaps a slight dissonance to the sound on occasion, but it doesn’t come as a negative, quite the opposite in fact. It reinforces this idea of creative freedom and artistic drive that is such a big part of the work the artist puts out. The more you listen, the more it starts to mean, and the simplicity of the music makes more and more sense – there’s a definite dramatic build up to the piano, the bass, the growing intensity, and all of this helps light up the concept and the overall effect of the song.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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