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We’ve facilitated thousands of radio spins exclusively for members of Exposed Vocals over the past 4 years. Please see just a few examples below of what you could expect when you purchase radio play through Exposed Vocals. We’re available whenever you have any questions at all – please contact us or purchase directly though the ‘Promotion’ tab above.


All sponsored by Exposed Vocals via our broadcast sponsorship program:












Radio Campaign – From the Bottom

Radio Campaign – Number One

From the Bottom and Siberia

Number One and From The Bottom

I Got A Promotion

Calimar White “Friday”

Calmar White “BAE”

Raul Chirinos “Dance With Me”

Kid Swift “Falling Down”

Riiv “It’s Over”


Cordiero AA

Can I watch you work by Young Dominus

Either Way

I don’t need nobody

Deep Down

‘Run” (pick up the gun) by Janani Band

Jesus” on Kiss 104.7 FM












UK Broadcasts 

Barbara Kiss

DEPZ – Ten Hutt

Julie Fernandez – Jazz in my head

Frank Gonzalez

Michelle Koidis

The Reading “White Walls”


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