King TR with Crusin in the Ville prod by Cashmoney Ap “has a dark and haunting, fairly stylish musical backdrop”

‘Cruisin’ in the ville’ has a dark and haunting, fairly stylish musical backdrop. The vibe of the music is pretty mellow, a calm and contemplative hip-hop energy emerges throughout. The spoken word vocal making up the verses has a similarly calm and easy going performance style to it, which makes you focus quite well on the words, and the voice for the most part in these moments sits well among the mix.


The attitude of it works well, and the concept is pretty clear, the melody just seems to teeter between notes and even verge upon being a rap itself on occasion, but never quite being certain of itself.

The vibe set throughout the rest of the track works well. As mentioned, the backing track has a lot of character, the sounds and samples used grab your attention well. The whole thing has a promising bit of production, the instrumentation is gentle yet intriguing and there’s a lot of potential with that side of things. The music would hold more impact perhaps if left with more space around it, similarly to the verse sections.

The vocals here fit the haunting mood of the whole thing and it really draws you in an almost hypnotic manner. The story that comes out within the verse lyrics, offers a pretty unique bit of storytelling. The laid back nature of the beat is consistent and has that vintage hip-hop energy that is likely to appeal to a lot of listeners as it has both the nostalgia element and the touch of something new, something fresh.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

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