Kilo M.O.E – Braggin’ “authentic hip-hop arrives in full force”

The passion, confidence and energy of authentic hip-hop arrives in full force for this latest release. The title of the track is forever relevant and returned to throughout. The performances at all times offer that genuine, care free swagger, as well as a fairly characterful flow and vocal sound, that creates something new yet familiar all at once.

Lyrically there are certain lines throughout the track that are repeated to the point that they really leave their mark, you remember them after listening, they become familiar quickly and become the notable moments within the track. What’s really interesting about it though is that the musicality of the piece is far from your average hip-hop track. The instrumentation and the samples featured throughout the beat create an almost electronica driven soundscape, touching on that EDM vibe on occasion. There’s a lot of creativity in the mix and this adds to the character and the appeal of the whole thing. Essentially, there’s not an ounce of complacency, this is not just a looped backing track simply rapped upon – as is unfortunately the case with a lot of modern hip-hop. The creativity is thriving throughout the music and the vocal performances, and this is something that gives the track a whole lot of value.


The rising intensity of the track is highlighted by everything involved. The passion never wavers, and the various sections suggest a considered structure that was intended to keep things appealing, to keep the energy high, yet to never simply sit with a certain vibe and hope for the best. As confident and even humorous as the hook is, you take it seriously, and it sticks with you. The swagger is one thing but the songwriting is another, and regardless of genre, you have to be able to write and structure your releases effectively. It’s a job well done.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing