K Stackz – Dear Hiphop [ Prod. by Vintageman Beats ] “something fresh and very human for audiences to embrace”

The gritty and real nature of the performance and lyricism throughout this track offer something fresh and very human for audiences to embrace. The backing track has a certain lightness to it that really draws your focus onto the leading vocal and the essence of the songwriting. The artist has an undeniable level of passion and this comes through with every single line and rhyme and moment. The flow is insanely relentless, in a wonderful way. The voice barely ceases to perform and the speed at which the lines are delivered adds to that intensity and passion brilliantly. The lightness of the backing track made for a great choice, the simplicity of the riff running in the backdrop sets an easy going ambiance that is a pleasure to hear alongside of the poetry unfolding elsewhere.

The track needs listening to more than once or twice to really get a feel for all of those lyrics. If the intro to the track is speaking the truth, the lyricist that performs throughout is only 17 years of age, and for the flow and perspective to be this advanced already really speaks volumes as to what the future will hopefully hold for the young artist. The lyrics consistently offer an impressively articulate level of language that feels hugely reflective and thoughtful and intelligent with every moment.


The perspective is, as mentioned, incredibly refreshing to witness. There is something unforgettably unique about the topics and language the artist has chosen to utilise throughout the recording. The track itself is very simple, musically speaking. It’s not reliant on a musical hook or anything particularly repetitive. But despite the standard ‘rules’ of songwriting the recording manages to capture and keep hold of your attention from start to finish. The prospect of more music is exciting.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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