JoeeBilli GIBBERI$H Ft Anthony Funcheon

“that touch of humanity gets to you and connects in a way that heavily effected vocals don’t.”

The mellow and peaceful ambiance of this track, musically speaking, contrasts quite notably with the vocal part riding alongside of it. The leading vocal represents the title and concept of the song quite effectively initially, the first minute or so of performance features a heavily effected voice that presents primarily undetectable words and ideas. Fortunately the vocals later evolve into something much smoother and that actually has a crisp and satisfying tone and finish. The sound becomes reminiscent of the R&B brightness from the early nineties, though the song on the whole utilises the acoustic guitar sound and the simplicity of a subtle reverb to create something refreshingly new and quite raw sounding.

The song’s structure is unusual, the first half seems like a different piece entirely, and the hook or key concept isn’t really brought into focus until the final few seconds. The instrumentation as well seems to crumble and fade away as things progress, rather than slowly building up to a bigger moment as most modern music releases do.

The creative freedom of it is commendable, and the way it’s been crafted and arranged does really make for something unique and unpredictable.

The latter half of the track is definitely more accessible, that touch of humanity gets to you and connects in a way that heavily effected vocals don’t. Both sounds have a place, the first half of the song feels more like a meeting of instruments and energy, the leading voice included, whereas the latter half has something much more real and honest to it. The lyrics can be heard clearly, there’s a level of soul and style to the performance, and the story telling draws your attention well, it reaches out for you.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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