“immensely effective fusion of producer and artist” Cheers To You – Alex Young

Cheers To You is a gorgeous song, there appears to be an immensely effective fusion of producer and artist preferences, and the balance is close to perfect. The artist’s leading voice has a lot of a character, a brilliantly unique performance style and tone, and the concept of the track as well – the lyricism, the hook, the idea – it all holds a lot of strength in itself. The production job though really brings out the brightness of the whole thing. The song is infused with a jazz-like aura, and the music reflects this well. The tripped up nature of the beat is not often heard in music of this sort of energy these days, it’s reminiscent of Mr Scruff recordings at times, and it’s refreshing to hear now. The gentle nature of the instrumentation surrounding the beat builds a wonderful contrast, and this is similar to the effect of the leading vocal, too.

The track plays out and develops in an easy to listen to and enjoyable way. What’s interesting about it is that it’s not necessarily a hook or particular melody that you take away from it, it’s more an experience of the song and the music in general. The key idea and lyric is easily absorbed and likely to be remembered by most who listen. The feeling the music gives you is one that most will return for again and again. Furthermore, as mentioned, the artist has a very unique style and sound, and this is something that will hopefully bring people back to discover more music of a similar substance. Her vocal performance is beautiful, gentle yet stylish, passionate and original – true to her own

Writing credits: Alex Young, Romey Elcock-Neverson and Corey Jon

Producer: Mattlock

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.