If you love EDM then you’ll fall in love with The Kraken Music. [Exclusive Interview]

If you love EDM then you’ll fall in love with The Kraken Music. Great music from this artist from Brazil who is set to tour the US next year. We caught some time with The Kraken and got some answers to the following questions.


Exposed Vocals: WE LOVE YOUR FASHION SENSE! Tell us about your fashion and your ever changing style!

Thank you!! I’m happy that you like my style!! It’s based on my personality, I am made of a mix of cultures, my family have more than 5 different cultures and most of the families here in Brazil are like that. I like to always keep changing it because I don’t like to be defined as one thing, not with my music and also not with my style. I like to bring that colorful side, super fun, like a cartoon, also like to go total Gothic. I like also to go classic but sometimes I prefer sports clothes as I’m also a climber and I love outdoor adventures. I feel that this is my characteristic as The Kraken.

Exposed Vocals: Did you grow up in Brazil and have you traveled much? Have you been to the west coast in the US?

I grew up in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I love traveling and even before working with music I was already into getting to know different cultures. I’ve been to our neighbors here in South America, Argentina and Chile, I’ve been to Europe, especially Italy where I own an Independent record label and of course I’ve been to US many times. I love there and I have really great friends there too. I’ve been to Colorado, Florida, Orlando and NY. I almost went to the west coast so many times, I really wanted to go!! But last time I was so busy with the studio in NY and if I missed Christmas in Brazil after months away mama Kraken would kill me, so I went to Brazil straight from NY.

Exposed Vocals: What type of clubs do you like to play?

I like to play in EDM Clubs, usually, they play Pop too.

Exposed Vocals: Who are your favorite artists in the US?

That’s a difficult question… There are so many! I really like Steve Aoki, Marshmello, Skrillex, Cardi B, Jay Z, Pharrell… my list of favorites is huge…

Exposed Vocals: If you could tour with any artist in the US who would you choose and why?

Steve Aoki, first because I’m a big fan, I have already seen him live and it’s really amazing, and second, because I think that what I do in my performance live, the concept that I bring matches his but it’s a little different. At the same time, his performances have strong references of punk, he is very versatile and creates this party energy on the shows, I like to bring the fun, and the excitement of a party, like If you were in on a vacation at an EDM festival in the tropics, and even when I’m a singer I bring strong refrences of Rap on my performances. So Imagine a Party with all that??

Exposed Vocals: When can we get your latest NEW single?

Right now on Spotify!! It’s called “Freak”, it’s a club song, the lyric it’s funny but it’s also to remind us that nobody should be treated like an object and being in a club dacing and having fun, doesn’t mean you are there to home with somebody. I thought that those words needed to be in a club song, because a party is only good if everybody is having fun, and that means that everybody should be respectful.

Exposed Vocals: Anything you want to say or share with your USA fans?

I want to say that I love you guys, thank you for the support, nothing makes me happier than to know that my songs touch your heart and made you have fun!! We are going to have two more singles on these next months with the concept of the first album!! Also, I might see you sooner than next year!!

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Thank you for this interview, it was really fun!