“I am woman, I am strong, I am smart, and I have a voice. I can use it to sing and give my message.”

BEEA – Ride Or Die

Sung with such fire, BEEA delivers a truly compelling work of art with “Ride Or Die”. The way the vocals have such a reassuring aura to them helps to propel the song forward. At times the guitar work recalls Jimi Hendrix at his more tender. By far though the true star of the entire piece are those vocals, whose poetry feels so joyous. Independence reigns supreme while the song goes for a spirit of rising above it all in a way that feels so honest and real. Her vocals waft up to the sky, revealing a real range from near-hushed to soaring up into the heaven. Stylistically, BEEA draws from funk, R&B, pop, with a hint of the blues thrown in for good measure.

The guitar begins all of it, while the rest of the groove establishes itself with the utmost of care. Keeping things to the essentials lends the track an airy, breezy, feeling, almost summery at times. When BEEA’s vocals enter into the equation the track truly begins in earnest. Lending every single line, a tremendous sense of heart and power, the whole piece grows with such care. Attention to detail allows the whole of the track to expand in unexpected ways. Various percussive elements skitter in and out of the mix. Patience gives the track a truly satisfying feeling, for by the very end BEEA truly delves into a freewheeling sort of style.

“BEEA creates a spellbinding, celebratory work with the beautiful “Ride Or Die”.

“I did not chose to be a musician, the music chose me. But even if I could have a chance to chose it, I’d probably do it, over and over again. My connection with singing is almost spiritual, it is my direct contact with God, or the universe, subconscious mind, quantum force, different terms for the same single power. At the moment I am singing, the pieces I am made of become a whole.”

“I am woman, I am strong, I am smart, and I have a voice. I can use it to sing and give my message.”