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Exposed Vocals is dedicated to providing unsigned artists and music industry professionals with the tools they need to successfully connect in a professional way. By educating and providing real world exposure to major record labels, authentic social media outlets and Online/FM Radio Stations all over the world. Additionally, Exposed Vocals aims to stimulate the natural interest in indie music fans by providing an easy to use platform for which members music, mostly underground, is easily accessible by general visitors.

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Despite this importance, many artists have very little information regarding copyright, or worse, rely on knowledge about rules that have changed dramatically in the past quarter century. We’re here to help you through it. 


We’ve got a massive network of amazing fans. Over 10,000 on Facebook and well over 150,000 on Twitter. We have the means to get your music to the masses

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A few bucks spent with Exposed Vocals can propel your album sales to help you make more with your music. This is why thousands of artists trust us to help promote their music and be the face behind their brand

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Exposed Vocals hosts over 100,000 users and a quarter of million music videos and growing. Find out why so many artists trust our platform with their music

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