Hanuman Vienna, a rising star on the Austrian electronic music scene.

In deference to the DJs who really put in the hours and the effort to go beyond simply ‘showing up’ and ‘playing a few tunes’; those artists who sweat blood; “those game-changers who either catalyze, or encapsulate, fundamental musical shifts; ” those dedicated professionals (who are really the most obsessive fans) who are probably going blind from toiling in bad light every night into the early hours to find that faultless combination of tracks – that exact match of tempo and pitch to create the most unique and perfect build to crown that particular ‘one in a million’ mix – and in so doing reminding us all how much we rely on music to access and express our internal capacities for joy and freedom of spirit.

There’s no substitute for experiencing a skilled DJ in a killer space, mixing live. Still, there are still only so many nights you can spend dancing to the wee hours. Thankfully, during the past 10 years or so, the Internet has made it possible to see or hear sets by legendary or soon-to-be-legendary DJs from around the world. Among the greatest mixes from the Internet age, spanning radio sessions streamed online, Soundcloud uploads, podcasts, Boiler Room sessions, comes Hanuman Vienna. Already a rising star on the Austrian electronic music scene, rendering moody, woozy dance singles can cut and mix with nearly anyone. So let’s get right into Hanumania #1

Hanumania #1 is straight up murderousness!

Remember C’est La Mü Festival 2016 comes out of the gate swinging with Shadow feat. Run the Jewels – Nobody Speak. This mix recalls a time when the genre truly allowed free-form experimentation switches up to his own tweak on Charles Bradley’s ‘Stay Away’. The way he opened his set with the kind of cool, high-energy that would sound at home in a sweaty French club! By the hour mark, he’s setting off the kind of bombastic trap fireworks that would make even Moss Da Beast light up with ‘Jammin” by Bob Marley.

Imagine West Coast from Vienna is his his lurch away from club jams into zonked introspection, and it’s a revelation. After a warped, time-lapse version of DJ Shadow Feat. Mos Def “Six Days, (remix)” he pitches down and blurs Ahnma’s ‘Beginner’ Feat. Gentleman until it sounds like Bryan Ferry nodding out in a bus station, (around the 43 minute mark) then explodes into Eminem’s ‘Lose yourself’!

Sundowner @ Treegarden Highness (ows Edition) –-Starts with a heavy-lidded antidote to the wide-eyed sounds that’s favored in the club. For this set he takes it easy and slow, Gnarles Barkley – Crazy (Live from the Basement version) and continues through the piece with sumptuous grooves that toggle between a skip and a saunter like ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy, and ‘Modern Love’ by Sunshiners and ending it with “Running From The Sun” by Chromatics

The Hateful Tarantino Dance Night Mix (4 Hrs) – Starts off with ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ (from ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) and around the one-hour mark he switches to turntables — on the fly with Bustin’ Surfboards by ‘The Tornadoes’ and ‘Surfin’Bird by ‘The Trashman’. It’s a clattering soup of pretension that blisses out with a Sukiyaki Western!

Let’s jump into the next set from Hanumania #1 with Alan Watts (#1 through #4) Tao or Taoism teaches a person to flow with life. Over the years Taoism has become many things to many people. We, at Exposed Vocals, are not experts on Taoism, however, after studying up on in for this project, it’s safe to say a couple of our editors are already fascinated by the teachings.

Alan Watts #1, #2 and #4 teach about ‘Tao and Life with the Tao’ While incorporating mesmerizing arrangements see below:

Alan Watts Up #1:

– Jamie XX – Gosh (Tale of Us Remix)
Peace Orchestra – Who am I
Depeche mode – Useless (K&D Session)
The Human League – Buddhas Watching (Lost Version)
Jamie XX – All under One roof ravin (hanuman edit)

Alan Watts Up #2

Tosca – The Key
Peace Orchestra – Double Drums (Dj DSL Remix)
The Chemical Brothers vs. The Prodigy
Daniel Johnston – King Kong (Intro)
B. Fleischmann – Composure

Alan Watts Up #3

Trentemøller – Physical Fraction
Patrick Pulsinger & Sam Irl – Live @ Philival, Track 1
Marrs – Pump Up The Volume (Dj Butcher Dub)
Yuksek – On a Train (The Magician Remix)
Victor Démé – Djon Maya (Synapson Remix)

Alan Watts Up #4

Mark Ayres – Tubular Bells
Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of Gold
Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Original Instrumental Version)
Yamasuki – Yama Yama
Gorillaz – Dare (DFA Remix)

Like Taoism, this set above helps you experience more color in your life. Do yourself a favor and just smile while you listen… It will enable possibility!

The Hateful Encore pummels through ‘Useless (The Kruder/Dorfmeister Session) – Depeche Mode and even squeezes in an original, nearly unrecognizable remix of Kanye Wests’ “Blood on the leaves” The result is broad and exhilarating — proof that the cutting edge is not restricted by genre or place.

Short cuts ali is nothing short of genius. This is a brilliant mix that includes urgent, atmospheric panache from ‘A Tribe Called Quest and Busta with ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and spin out during the last 10 minutes with an M.I.A Sun showers portrayal .


Hanumania #2

Hanumania #2 is 7 tracks of spine-tingling mixes. Sampling, stretching and essentially chopping and screwing music. Hanumania’s favored sounds are gaseous and atmospheric, with a sense of creeping and crawling even when the rhythms are running at full speed. He goes big on lingering effects, too. Check it out below:




Cream T & Franzi – Ramien Afterhour 20/05/2017 is the sound that emerges and could only be Hanuman. Starts with ‘Hold Up’ by Jamelo (could be the live version), he throws in some Eminem (lose your self) definitely a favorite of his to get the blood pumping. It’s a great piece that includes sounds from Nicolas Jaar and Jamie XX’s “All Under One Roof Raving’

Anna Maria Valentina Birthday Mix  For this set, Hanuman feels free to be free. While he’s rightly revered for his deep house productions and sets that make the dance-floor sweat, he’ll do whatever he damned well pleases, be it playing a Kanye West track in its entirety or taking a psychedelic rock detour at peak hour.

Sunshine Running – Spirals into what it would sound like if Billie’s had her Jeans Acidwashed. ( Yes, that was a Fatneck Rework comparison by Lucci Capri) When the triumphant lyrical suplex of “Beasty Boys” lands, the heads of any skeptics will be permanently blown back.

Kate deVienne Happypeppy Mix  gives a flamboyant clinic in selecting ‘Passion Rouge’ by Saint Privat to start things off and remains unparalleled, teasing new thrills out of hits like ‘Coconut’ by Harry Nilsson. Hanuman teases us out with ‘Happy Bear by DJ DSL

Birth of DJ Pure is mixing, blending, chopping beats, and repeatedly teasing out builds and drops with a tasteful intensity with the likes of Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen (Lawrence Remix, 2005), with just a twist of the high and low knobs at key moments like Livin’ Free by Small World

Kate DeVienne 3 – Starts with a sense of mystery, a loft classic; Lakme (Viens, Mallika…sous Le Dome Epais Flower Duet) by Victoria Lambourn & Milica llic and mixes remarkably well “Passion Rouge” so well in fact it tingles with the healing power of spun blood!

Beastie Boys – MegaMix by MagicMitchPeach & Hanuman The vibe is charged from the start, with just 46 minutes to cram in decades worth of aspirations. Like cymbals splashing underneath a spotlight.  ‘No Sleep till Brooklyn’ is teased in over Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman Beat. A climactic blast-off. That is so badass! It goes on like this and well worth the listen. Had one of our editors ‘Shaking her rump’ (Pun intended!)

Score: 8.7/10