Game of Thrones Theme – Cover by Accordionix “just about everything you’d hope it to be”

Mary, Marco Polo, Olivier und JP – thats accordionix!

Four musicians that meet once a week not only to make music but to create sounds you ve never heard before from an accordion.

Pushed by the love for the instrument and driven by passion they want to make people happy through their music.

Since around half a year they make music together and already created a hype in austria for the accordeon – now with their new music-video they want to reach even more people.

This is accordionix.

Game of Thrones Theme – Cover by Accordionix

This is just about everything you’d hope it to be. From an audio perspective, the melody has come to be one of the most instantly recognisable in the world, and as a fan you can only ever be joyful at the sound of this melancholy collection of chords and notes. The accordion take on the whole thing is brilliantly fitting, simple but effective. You scarcely remember the original build of the soundscape – the strength or weight of the instrumentation is lost in the sound a little. Thus is the way when you stumble upon such a powerful riff.

The original of course takes on a much fuller, orchestral ambiance, and utilises a number of different instruments as well as varying levels of intensity and volume within the performance arena. But this new version is exciting in a fairly similar way, not least of all for those of us who are natural fans of the accordion.

You could easily select this recording as the version to embrace when seeking out a GOT theme moment – whether it’s to reminisce or simply re-visit the feelings the music gives out as it’s experienced. The accompanying video displays a certain level of devotion that in a way amplifies the effect of the music and reminds listeners of its associations and of the underlying passion that draws most if not all fans back to the Game Of Thrones catalogue again and again.

The effort that has gone into creating the visual partner for the music is notably impressive, though the music itself works brilliantly in portraying the power of this particular piece of music and in representing the overall (huge) presence it has played within the lives of so many people during recent years.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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