A favorite of tastemakers and artists alike, Berkeley’s Rexx Life Raj is one of the most profound and talented artists in Hip-Hop.

Fresh after performing with Pharrell at ComplexCon, Rexx Life Raj has shared a “beautiful ass video” for
“Where I Belong” – taken from his freshly released sophomore album ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’.
A favorite of tastemakers and artists alike, Berkeley’s Rexx Life Raj is one of the most profound and talented artists in Hip-Hop. Floating over a halting, soulful, sample-heavy instrumental, Raj shines on “Where I Belong,” his latest video complete with gorgeous location shots and instantly-memeable moves. Effortlessly switching between double-time rhythmics and soaring melodies, Raj announces his intentions to the world. Though he has a lot of things to figure out, he knows exactly what he wants: to conquer the rap game.
“Where I Belong” is the latest release from Father Figure 2: Flourish, Raj’s recent album, following the Billboard-premiered, Russ-featuring “Burn Baby Burn.” Featuring appearances from G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe and contributions from some of the Bay Area’s most innovative producers, including Mikos Da Gawd, JULiA LEWiS, Ian McKee, Drew Banga, Kyle Betty, and more, ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’ arrived on November 17th via EMPIRE.



Explains Rexx Life Raj, in true #CaptionGod fashion: “Sometimes you have to go to Drake’s Bay to shoot a beautiful ass video because you want to capture the same essence that you put into the song just like that one time you captured that beetle in your backyard and wanted him to feel at home in his new Pepsi bottle house in your bedroom so you loaded it up with very moist dirt, a couple leaves, and sidewalk rocks hoping that he would feel at home in his new abode but you forgot to poke air holes in the bottle and he died a slowly, tragic death while you watched Family Guy with your lil homie Pookie. But don’t trip, bb. This video has a happier, more beautiful ending. I’ve learned from my mistakes. #Flourish”
Rexx Life Raj “Where I Belong”Official Music Video  
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A former Division I offensive lineman at Boise State University, Rexx Life Raj is a gentle giant, concerned with deep soul-searching and analyzing how he fits within the world. Raj is a major rising star in the Bay Area scene, racking up over 20 million streams on all platforms and gaining a devoted following on Instagram for his next-level captions. In the past year, he earned glowing press coverage from Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Noisey, and XXL, and earned the cover spot on Spotify’s Mellow Bars playlist with his single “Handheld GPS,” which earned over 4 million streams on the service.  
Following the release of his debut album Father Figure in 2016, Rexx Life Raj collaborated with the likes of G-Eazy, Mozzy, Nef The Pharaoh (who frequently calls Raj his favorite rapper), Murs,ymtk, Goapele, and others, earning over 1 million plays on his Russ-collaboration “Waiting For You.”  
With Father Figure 2: Flourish, Rexx Life Raj will hope to realize his commercial ambitions while further establishing his reputation as one of the most original and accomplished artists around.
“[Rexx Life Raj] is for anyone who likes breathing and/or good music”
“Rexx Life Raj is one of the most impressive young MC’s
in the industry right now.”
“But while many of these artists channel a revivalism – Cash Money energy for Nef, g-funk for Kamaiyah – Rexx Life Raj is content to push forward confidently into the unknown.”
“Rexx Life Raj (yeah, it’s a mouthful) is the up-and-coming
Bay Area artist to know.”
“Trivial daily details get painted with a generous eye and addressed in smooth tones on songs that feel like falling into a pile of pillows. Raj is perceptive, empathetic, and open about his feelings; he’s also quick to tackle the tropes of contemporary rap with a winking eye.”
Rexx Life Raj “Where I Belong” – Official Music Video

Click the photo above to download the broadcast master

“Father Figure 2: Flourish” is now available on all digital platforms: Apple Music – Spotify – Soundcloud
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