Fantasy by Daria – Music Review

Daria is a singer and songwriter hailing from New York, where she grew up. She started playing piano at a very young age and classical music became a big part of her life. She eventually found herself singing and improvising, which led to songwriting. She hired a vocal coach at fourteen and eventually ended up quitting college to pursue her musical dreams. She lists her main influences as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

You can hear aspects of those influences on this song, Fantasy, which is a perfect showcase for Daria’s singing and songwriting. It is a pop/RnB track with a distinctive lead vocal performance. Her voice has the American twang of someone like Katy Perry and the sassy quality of Lorde, with a strong tone and large range. The sound is very commercial and radio friendly, with a slick mid-paced RnB beat and subtle synths.

The song is very well written, the verse building to a chorus that is every bit as melodic and catchy as anything in the charts right now, with rich backing harmonies helping it to stand out. The song matter is about imagining your ideal partner and hoping the fantasy comes true, something anyone can relate to. On the middle eight she sings: “I’d be perfect for you, you’d be perfect for me…a strange kind of perfect fantasy…”.

Overall, this is a highly impressive song from a young lady who has everything it takes to make a name for herself in the pop music scene. She has an appealing voice and the first class production makes it ideal to take to radio. You can easily imagine this track becoming a hit, and with further songs of similar quality Daria could potentially become the ‘next big thing’ and achieve huge heights of success.

By Alex Faulkner

I’m 34 and a freelance music journalist, as well as a composer and producer. I’ve written reviews for UK newspapers and music websites. I run my own blog, reviewing the best new bands and artists . I’m very passionate and knowledgeable about music and that shows in my writing.


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