Exposed Vocals just sat down with ‘Quantum Split’ for an Exclusive Interview!

They chose to tour and perform their music around the world without having any music released on the internet besides snippets of a video called “America”

The biggest thing is that they have been invited by the US Embassy In Kigali to headline at the Rwandan Music Festival In Africa. They leave Wednesday to Amsterdam first.

Exclusive Interview

AR: Adrian Read

SL: Soleil Laurent

IH: Ivan Hardy

Exposed Vocals:  So tell us your story. What made you guys decide to start a band?


AR- I didn’t start the band. I just joined it for three reasons: First, I was working retail and getting real tired of folding clothes all day. Second, ex guitarist of the band quit and they were holding auditions. Third, when I saw that Soleil could not only sing her lungs out but ALSO looked good wearing a skirt and combat boots; it was a done deal for me.


SL- When I first started doing rock music, I didn’t want to do it alone. I became obsessed with the idea of people coming together and rocking out on the stage. The band was created for people who want to inspire and empower others.


IH- I wanted to be an all around musician and I have always loved bands like Metallica and Pantera. Seeing bands like that is what inspired me.




Exposed Vocals: What’s some advice that each of you can give to someone who admires where you are in life now.


AR- Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from going after your dream. Not your mommy, daddy, girlfriend, boyfriend, doggy, pony etc. NO ONE!


SL- My advice would be to stay strong and always keep moving forward when it comes to your purpose. Every breakdown can be transformed into a breakthrough. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!


IH- Love what you do and do what you love.




Exposed Vocals: We’ve seen videos of you guys jumping around and your agent has said you guys have great coordination and synergy, but have you guys ever made any big mistakes during performing?


AR- Hold up! Let me get my list. I fell off the stage in New York once. In Brooklyn, at the Afropunk festival, Ivan smacked Soleil silly with his bass while spinning. Then in Los Angeles Soleil’s wire broke inside her guitar. Shall I continue?


SL- YES! One time on stage at AFROPUNK Ivan’s bass head hit me straight in the nose! IT HURT SOOOOO BADLY. I was singing my song and then WHACK right across my face. It’s okay though. You have to be a warrior when these things happen.


IH- Many but you would never know!  My fellow band members have given you a glimpse of just few.



Exposed Vocals: So you just came off tour and are now headed to perform at the Rwandan Music Festival Right? So far, has anything interesting happened on tour that you are able to tell us about?


AR- I can’t speak for the rest of the band. However while in Arizona I went to this strip club; for a business meeting of course. I realized I left my ID and my money back at the hotel. So I drove back, as fast as I could, to get them and when I got back. I get inside…. and that’s about as much as I can say for now.


SL-Touring is always interesting, whether it’s starving on the road or sleeping way too much on the tour bus! However, I would have to say visiting Kurt Cobain’s memorial was amazing! It was such an unbelievable experience.


IH- Lots of sightseeing and stereotype breaking. We had a gig in Louisville, Kentucky and expected some form of racism or hatred. But to my surprise, everyone was friendly and caring. Oklahoma on the other hand…



Exposed Vocals: So this trip to Rwanda isn’t the first and probably not the last. This time with the US Embassy Kigali backing you, how does it feel? Why do you think you are you so loved out there?


AR- How do I feel? I feel like Jamie Foxx walking in there now. I know the reason I’m loved because my fellow Rwandans told me straight up. They said it’s because I look like Tarzan.


SL- Personally, the reason I believe Kigali loves Quantum split is due to what we stands for. The support comes from the message our music spreads: being the boss of your own life, standing up for yourself as well as spreading love, getting love, and giving love.

IH- I’m not sure to be honest. I didn’t think they would relate to me.


Exposed Vocals: So you guys chose a very unique route to release your music, by basically not releasing music and touring. Its obviously had much success! When is the point where we can get more original Quantum Split Music?


AR- If we keep following the same trend. It will happen when we come to your state, town, village, or country. So trust me we’ll get there!


SL- Our goal is to increase our fan base so big that when we drop our EP, album or single it will hit the masses. Also, I would like to say we are doing it old school; where you need to prove that you are badass on stage before you gain followers.


IH- Whenever the album is ready.




Exposed Vocals: What are some of the “Quantum Split” goals right now?


AR- Quantum Split is focusing on reaching major television exposure.


SL-Quantum Split is taking over the world. Our goal is to travel and empower people to be badass or what I like to say a warrior in their life!


IH- Our goals are to make more amazing music for our fans and get noticed globally.




Exposed Vocals: After Africa what can we expect?


AR- Popping open a big bottle of champagne while we discuss our next move.


SL- Who truly knows? Quantum Split might just go right back on tour.


IH- That is to be determined. Probably more shows.



Exposed Vocals: Side question, If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?


AR- I would be a high end stripper. I would gain about thirty pounds of muscle. Then I wouldn’t let anything except fifty dollar bills touch my skin.


SL- If I wasn’t making music I probably would’ve been an art therapist. I have a true passion for connecting with people. I’m developing a love for painting.


IH- I would probably be acting, tattooing, running a business or video gaming professionally.


Exposed Vocals: What should fans look forward to in the next year or so?


AR- Our fans should look forward to seeing us on television, listening to us on the radio, and seeing us in the cover of magazines.


SL-Our fans should look forward to SOME CRAZYYYYYYY SHOWS!


IH- More shows and content.



Exposed Vocals: Any Shout-outs?


AR- I’d like to shout out my……damn. It’s gotten cold on this side. I still have a lot of love though. I would like to shout out my entire team for holding together. Shout out to my mom and my sisters for teaching me how to do my hair correctly. Last but not least, shout out to all the fans and the people that believe in what we do. Without you I would need a different career.


SL- Shout out to my awesome mama! Lol you always have to shout out your mommy.


IH- Shout out to Spector basses, Ampeg amps, Intune guitar picks, EMG pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Darkglass Electronics, MXR pedals, SKB cases, and Mono cases.