Exposed Vocals just sat down with Big City Cowgirl to talk about her new single “(There Ain’t Nothin’ Like) Love On The Open Road.”

When we last spoke with Big City Cowgirl about a year ago, she introduced herself to us – her life, her artistry as a country music singer/songwriter, and her aspirations. We caught up with Big City Cowgirl again and she talked to us about her newest single and accompanying video, and some things that we may not know about her and the open road.

Exposed Vocals: So you have a new single that is about to be released called “(There Ain’t Nothin’ Like) Love On The Open Road.”  Tell us about it.

Big City Cowgirl: The song is an upbeat, summer song about getting into a truck with your romantic partner and roaming around – destination unknown – with the wind blowing your hair around, music on the radio, the sun shining, and love in the air.  I wrote it to be a song that puts people in a good mood and that people can relate to. You can road trip with anyone though – it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. I recorded the song at Dare Studios on Long Island.  Mike & Hillary Epstein were able to take my ideas and help me make my song into an astounding have-fun anthem. I hope that everyone loves it as much as I do.  
Exposed Vocals: Will there be a video and, if so, tell us about what to expect.

Big City Cowgirl: I can’t wait for the video to be released.  To me, the road is a metaphor for life.  The video will be reflective of that. The video is being shot in two different parts, a band aspect and a concept aspect. We shot the band part already and it was super fun so I have great expectations for the end result.  Anticipate a video that combines love, happiness, goofiness, and a message.

Exposed Vocals: Tell us how you came up with the idea for the music video. 

Big City Cowgirl:  I wanted to show the fun and freedom of being on the open road with someone you love. I also wanted to show how you can be any age when you embark on a road trip. The video will show the progression of two teenagers into adults acting “crazy ‘bout each other and havin’ some fun” on the open road.  Life is an open road so I like that connection. And I love the concept that Mike & Hillary Epstein & I came up with about how the truck in the video “remembers” the couple.

Exposed Vocals: What has the filming process been like?  

Big City Cowgirl: What a fun time I am having putting together the video. As I mentioned, we are doing the video in two shoots. Urban Rodeo out of Long Island volunteered to learn the song and appear in the video, along with guest bass player, Bobby Trombley, and my go-to girl for fiddle, the beautiful and talented Sophie.  We spent a day just goofing around and playing the song together and getting some great footage.  For the actor portions, I got my acoustic guitar player and her husband, Tara & Jason Swicicki, as well as two young actors from Long Island, Matthew Castello and Samatha O’Donnell, to agree to be in the video. We haven’t filmed that portion, but will be doing so shortly. Then Mike & Hillary Epstein will edit the video into something magical.

Exposed Vocals: Speaking of open roads, can you tell us about a road trip you had?  


Big City Cowgirl:  I’ve had lots of road trips with lots of people, but the one that sticks out is when my friend and ex-singer partner, Mimi Rossi, who is like a sister to me, and I went from California to Lake Havisu City.  I lived in New York so I flew out to her, and then she and I went to visit her Uncle Eddie. We hopped in her little yellow pickup truck with the license plate that said “BLKMRKT.” The sun was shining and we opened the windows, and she drove us from Los Angeles to Lake Havisu City. It took hours, but the music was pumping and we were giggling, acting stupid and having tons of fun.  I remember periods of time where we were on stretches of road with mountains and not a single person or car was around. It was awesome.

Exposed Vocals: What is the best compliment you ever received?

Big City Cowgirl: Here’s the weird part – it has nothing to do with music, and it’s kind of silly!  I was having a bad day and not feeling really special, and some random guy on the street said to me, “Just had to stop and tell you how sexy you look in that outfit. I would rob banks for you.” I was like – wow – that’s extreme.  But it made my day!

Exposed Vocals: What were you like in High School? 

Big City Cowgirl:  I was caught between trying to be a good girl for my parents’ sake, and being a rebel and a troublemaker. I wanted to do well to please my parents, but I had a hankerin’ to get out and see live music, be in bands, and make my own rules.  So, at the time, my parents and I locked horns.  I hooked up with high school crowd that went to bars and listened to bands, and that included traveling from Brooklyn in NYC without my parents’ permission! All in all, though, I did well in school. I just had an adventurous side which I exercised sometimes … well, a lot of the time. 

Exposed Vocals: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Big City Cowgirl: For me, all roads have always led me back to music, and I try to take that path with an open heart and mind, and a positive view.  Music can set any mood and speaks for us when there are no words to be said. I hope that my music becomes a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives.  Oh, and of course, you can find me on:, 112846020249117232538/posts/p/ pub,, city-cowgirl, Cowgirl, bigcitycowgirl,

and You Tube.

Big City Cowgirl’s newest single is called “(There Ain’t Nothin’ Like) Love On The Open Road” has just been released. You can find it on Amazon and iTunes and many other digital sales venues and streaming platforms.