Exposed Vocals artist Brandon McBay just had his track “Lets Go” played on Kiss 104.7 FM

Click the audio below to hear the recorded broadcast!



Brandon McBay, (McBae) is a 19-year-old EDM DJ/Producer. Born on September 19, 1996, in Waterloo, Ontario. Brandon started DJ’ing shows when he was nearly 12 years old and has been producing for the past 4 years. McBaes first shows were school dances and formals as well as house parties and weddings. Over the past year, McBae gradually transitioned into the nightclub scene where his work is starting to receive more of the recognition it deserves. McBae has put out 1 Single with the help of Disassemble & Rebuild Records, called Lucid Dreams’. His track was also featured on EDMPush Radio Ep. 6 nearly 6 months ago. McBaes close association with Iggy Apparel led to his collaboration with Disassemble & Rebuild Records, as well as his partnership with Grand Theory Creative Group. Through the latter, he connected with Lowell, MA Rapper, Matthew Mills where their journey began to create a much-anticipated collab project. Spending many weeks at the Grand Theory Studio in Lowell, MA to complete this project, led to a great partnership with Mills & McBae. Their track is set to be released late 2016. The track is a genius blend between hip hop and modern EDM. McBae regularly enjoys but is not limited to playing Big room beats as well as progressive and bass music. Theres no doubt that McBae will be making some huge appearances in 2016 and it goes without saying that youre going to want to be front row when he does!