Drae Singleton – Thunder Storm [Music Review]

The track has a dreamlike ambiance to it that gives off the impression of this being a song heard in a club or somewhere out and about. The sound effects used in the backdrop set a scene that implies a crowd or a busy setting somewhere, though the title re-affirms the truth of the audio and redirects your mind accordingly.

The song itself has a notably mellow vibe, the whole thing is calm and smooth and everything added throughout works well amongst this energy. There is, however, a little bit of a darker side to the music, the thunder storm theme of course implies perhaps that there is chaos outside, there is chaos all around, but right here is where we are, and we can be calm, settle in and enjoy the moment.

The production has a fairly low-fi presentation to it. The vocals and all of the instrumentation seem to wash together to make for a somewhat vintage sounding recording. The leading voice has a beautiful tone and style, carrying the melody well and fitting in well with the peaceful ambiance of the music.


There’s a fair bit about the track that is fresh, though it takes a lot of inspiration from the classic smoothness and melody style of R&B. The opening few bars feature a thick and mellow beat alongside a much higher pitched vocal performance and the contrast is striking. This continues throughout and creates a vast and, again, dreamlike arena of audio.


The lyrics focus on dedication in a relationship and the leading performance definitely highlights the feeling and the passion embedded within that. The point at which the music falls away to allow the voice to guide the mood is really effective, the same goes for the very moment the beat drops back in. It works well.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.