” a distinct and mellow drive” Mia – Can’t Resist

There’s a great opening beat to this track that draws you in with its haunting overtone. The beat has a distinct and mellow drive that leads the song well, and the piano is fitting yet still appealingly unusual. As the backdrop develops the instrumentation takes a few more turns that are creatively unusual, but for the most part there is a lot of character about it that works well.

There is the potential for remixes as the riffs used and the overall mood of the track have a lot going for them. The leading vocal part brings a relevant melody line to the mix that fits in with the vibe of the music. There is a perhaps little too much of a canned reverb effect on the vocal for it to truly reach out and connect – a smoother and more subtle choice of reverb might have worked better in terms of setting a dreamlike vibe and letting the melody and the lyrics wash over you along with the music. The voice itself has a tone that works well with the triphop meets r&b style of the track. The hook as well is definitely one that stands out and is memorable.

A little bit of an instrumental break between vocal parts might help the structure of the song have more impact. As it stands there’s not a moment to reflect or take it all in, so the words and the melody just go around and around without pause.

The music is strong enough to stand alone for a short break, and this way the vocal part would have a much more striking impact. In terms of the writing though and the performance style, the sound is great, and there are bound to be more tracks from the artist that take slightly different routes through music which are equally memorable.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.