DeUce Double – Sexy Lady “another strong arrival just in time for the summer”

This one is another strong arrival just in time for the summer. The general vibe of the piece has a part summer dance anthem sound and part tribal, upbeat, raw energy sort of soundscape. The beat is the most striking thing about the track at first, though it varies and evolves throughout and this ties in with the way in which the surrounding music grows throughout. The leading riff in the backdrop is an upbeat and uplifting string of notes that offer further motivation for the good times that lay ahead.

In the video, DeUce Double showcases a great personality that presents the mood of the song really well. The confidence and style of the vocal performance carries the track well on the recording, and so for the concept and overall vibe of the track everything seems well chosen and relevantly presented.



The video shows some great footage of city life and adds to the good vibes and the realness of the artist’s personal musical style. The video has a slightly vintage look to it, reminiscent of early nineties rap music maybe, and in fact the track and performance style have a little of that to them as well.


The hook works well and rides alongside that leading riff decently. The riff is a little more prominent than the melody and vocals, but it’s an enjoyable break from the lyric loaded verses and it all sounds good within this particular mix. As mentioned, the energy of the piece evolves throughout, so the hook sections are actually a little more of a laid back moment within which listeners can appreciate the vibes and the creative nature of the music.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing