Deuce Double – Fort Washington “the confidence is unquestionable”

Fort Washington has a strong musical backdrop to it, the leading riff fills the space between the beats with a pretty unique soundscape, as opposed to a thinner, more common sort of hip-hop riff. The synth used has a warmth about it, which actually contrasts well with the thickness and darkness of the beat. The notes chosen for the melody have a haunting and similar darkness about them, and the leading vocal performance ties in with this concept and feeling effectively.

The artist offers a unique voice for fans of the heavier side of hip-hop to get into. The performance and the lyricism, and in fact the music itself, all has a very classic, vintage hip-hop sort of presentation. The independent side of the genre, the less mainstream, less willing to conform kind of vibe.  The attitude and passion is clear, the confidence is unquestionable and the flow works strongly in line with the beat.

The hook is the sort that seems exciting and heavy to those involved, though the spelling out of the name is a perhaps little uninspiring to those who are new to the work. However, having said that, it’s definitely a hook that lingers in your mind after listening, so this in itself is something powerful and likely to, hopefully, bring listeners back for more and keep them on the look out for new music from DeUce Double. As mentioned, the music is great, the piano element really adds something unique, and the actually sound and tone of the leading vocal performance is loaded with fresh character and is fairly recognisable. As is the unusual vocal effect used throughout.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.