Daria Tara – Celestial Origins ” lyricism opts for a poetry of tenderness and love”

Daria Tara sings with passion on the gleaming synth-pop perfection of “Celestial Origins”. Highly reminiscent of Ladytron, the tracks glide by with blissful radiant hues. Over the course of the entire album Daria Tara effortlessly blends together pop with an ambient psychedelic wash, one that feels quite majestic. Throughout the album Daria Tara’s lyricism opts for a poetry of tenderness and love. Narratives focus upon the desire that helps to form relationships, and the work required to make those relationships work.

Multiple layers of sound work in unison on the stately opener, the powerful “Snowflakes”. Beats hit hard on the hyperactivity of “The Ones”. An industrial edge comes into play on the muscular rhythms of “Angel Wings”. Quite ornate “Mind Games” chooses dreamier worlds to explore as the track wafts up into the heavens. Propelled forward with tremendous intensity “Trapped” serves as the highlight of the entire album.

Featuring an infectious groove and memorable melody the piece feels nearly symphonic in its temperament. Volume is an absolute must for the all-consuming spirit of “Loved You”. Synthesizer stabs work wonders on the intricate environment of “Mask”. With “Prisoner” Daria Tara chooses a slightly punk attitude to define the carefully crafted narrative. Neatly closing the album on a high note “Twisted Symphony” perfectly weaves together a glorious tapestry of sound.


“Celestial Origins” shows off Daria Tara’s deft skill at creating beautiful pieces of pop with thoughtful reflections upon what it means to truly be with another person.

Review by guest editor ‘Beach Sloth’

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