“a consistent smoothness about it” Nick Kortex – The Cornerstone Of House

Nick Kortex’ new track achieves a good balance between the thought provoking power of poetry, spoken word, and the classic, calming ambiance of relaxed house music. The track has an interesting structure to it, speaking in terms of the production – there are moments of full volume, full bounce, however still always light in nature and very easy to listen to – and then there are these brief moments of simplicity, in which a tribal beat plays out behind the vocal performance.

The vocal performance is the thing that separates this track from many of it’s peers, from now and times before. The voice has a consistent smoothness about it that is all at once comforting and intriguing, perhaps even unsettlingly close at times. The recording style puts the voice right there in front of you, surrounding you, impossible to locate but always whispering these lines and these ideas softly into your mind. The hypnotic power of house music furthers this effect, and in a way the title of the track does too – the concept holds intrigue, it draws you in, and the way the words are presented throughout makes you really want to listen.

There’s a sense of seriousness to it all, however calming the initial soundscape may seem – there’s a feeling of this being a story not to sleep through. However, when you do focus in and listen, the story is easy to relate to, it’s familiar, it’s very simple and very human, and slowly but surely this cornerstone concept becomes a comforting and enjoyable one. The track has been beautifully produced to the point that it stands well on it’s own – it’s effective and memorable, and very easy to leave playing; particularly as you ease your way into or even back out of a long weekend.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing