Chicago staple Supa Bwe drops visuals for “Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)”


After over a year hiatus, Chicago rapper Supa Bwe is returning with his first full-length project, Finally Dead. The newest song off the album is “Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon).” The track is produced by TayMasterChef and finds Supa crooning for love. He recruits very quickly rising videographer Lonewolf for some dope camerawork that highlights exactly why Supa is one of the most energetic, entertaining acts in the game right now.



Supa Bwe hails from Chicago’s thriving rap scene, and he’s collaborated with a handful of well-known rappers from that scene, including Chance the Rapper and Mick Jenkins, who are both on his 2016 mixtape Dead Again 3, and Saba, who’s on Finally Dead, which came out in December.  He’s got a similar sing-rapping style to Chance, and all the songs on Finally Dead are super catchy. He also shows off his

love of ’90s alternative rock on that album, with a song called “Supa’s Sweater Song (I Love Weezer),” where the chorus is Supa doing a trap-inspired cover of “Undone – The Sweater Song.”


Supa Bwe explained Finally Dead will showcase his growth over the last year.”I’ve been working on Finally Dead for over a year and a half now, trying to make sure I put together something that’s genuinely me without doing my usual ‘angry emo boy’ approach… as every rapper with a face tat is fighting for the lane that was once only mine. I birthed a genre once, I’ll do it again. Finally Dead morphed over the last year from what was supposed to be my ‘suicide project,’ into an incredible display of my talents. It’s a creative tomb – literally. It used to mean, ‘You couldn’t kill me, so just give me the gun,’ but now it represents my new lust for life. I’ve reached that point I’ve been trying to get to. The new music is both sonically and lyrically better as I’ve grown so much in the last year, both personally and skill-wise.”

For Supa Bwe, it has never been easy for him to fit in; a fact he has used in his “emo-raps”. For him, music “represents my inability to fit in no matter where I am, be it the hood, the burbs, or anywhere in between. I feel like a spaceman, and as a black American, get treated as such”. Hence, his debut, Finally Dead, is more than a Hip Hop album; it is a hidden PSA. Sure, you will get your “bops” that will have you jamming such as, “Black Goku (I Really Like You)”,”Wok Wok” Ft. Juju, and “Supa’s Sweater Song”. Yet, do not let Supa Bwe’s eclectic instrumentals haze you from his verses/ verbosity. This man wants to say something, and has the voice to do so.

From “Still Can’t Find Happiness” and “Down Comes the Spaceman”, whether he uses symbolism or straight truth, Supa Bwe has found a connection between being a social outcast and feeling spiritually excluded. This may not seem like societal “rocket science”; when you do not fit in the world, you tend to feel like you want to leave it. Yet, as Supa Bwe flows from inner rage to revelatory insightfulness, you begin to see the nuances of this connection. Moreover, his ability to ebb between vocal calm and vocal chaos, helps him elaborate his more important gripe; if we all see the connection, why are we choosing to be blind to it.



Supa Bwe “Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)” – Official Music Video