Chart Rules


Chart Rules

Every single Music Review, Interview, News Item and User-Uploaded Music Video has a star-rating system (1 being not so great up to 5 meaning you loved it!)

  • You may  vote (10) times total
  • The winning artists content will receive FM Radio Play with one of our partners.
  • Trying to game the chart by using third party black hat voting techniques will get your account banned and your content removed from our servers.

How Your Content is Judged.

  • 50% is based on total votes
  • 30% is based on included text (about you, your bio, your music history)
  • 20% is based on lyrical and production quality.

In short, if your track is the most voted; that does’t necessarily award you the monthly radio prize. However, it does account for half of your submission so go get your fans to vote!

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