Celeste Buckingham – Immature

Celeste Buckingham sings with a fiery passion on the self-confidence swagger of “Immature”. Done with such grace, her voice at times recalls Fiona Apple’s equally commanding, defiant delivery. The arrangement has a heaviness to it, complete with elements of EDM, electro, and rock neatly woven into a singular whole. By letting the piece buildup with such care, the entirety of the piece feels just right. Her vocals possess a tremendous range to them for they rise above the rest of the arrangement, for her voice has such a commanding quality to it.

Things open with an ambient wash. From the beginning, her voice leads the way. Letting atmospherics work at first, the way the song begins to slowly coalesce lends it an unnatural sense of grace. By opting for this gradual buildup, when the beat finally enters into the equation the whole of the world comes together with such majesty. Deserving to be played loud, her voice has such intensity to it. Layer upon layer of sound filter into the mix, further lending it an epic scope. Lyrics focus on the difficultly of maturity, of how some are unable to attain this essential goal. For the final stretch of the piece everything simply comes together in a wonderful blissful, bloom.

On “Immature” Celeste Buckingham’s message rings true, one that questions why people refuse to grow up, to take responsibility for their actions, and how they remain stunted in their development as a person.