Bother Me by All Biz (Feat. Trey Dez & King Thrilla) ” a powerful and relevant concept in an era of rising entrepreneurship.”

Bother Me by All Biz  (Feat. Trey Dez & King Thrilla) is a big track, a medium energy piece of music with a lot going on; well produced and polished. The leading hook that opens up the track has a mellow vibe about it that contrasts with the energy of the music a little,  the vocal effect drowns out the emotion of the piece a little, though as the verses unfold you get used to or learn to adjust to the way things are. The track definitely has a style that is consistent throughout.

The vocal effect takes a little away from the lyrics unfortunately, a lot of the lines are missed first time around, and with a title like All Biz that’s something of a shame as there’s always room for motivation in music, especially regarding being all about the work, the hustle. However, the more you listen, the more that hook takes shape as something familiar, it makes more sense, and it fits well within the verses. Also, the second verse vocal is a lot clearer sounding and the energy is up a little, this works well in among the backing track – the chord progression and beat is consistent, it has that hypnotic repetition of classic hip-hop, yet it also has snippets of additional sounds and moments that give off an aura of being busy, a hectic environment, again, all about the work. It’s a powerful and relevant concept in an era of rising entrepreneurship.


The track has so much value and potential, the effect is just a little overbearing, and this wouldn’t be true if there was nothing of worth underneath it, but clearly there is. The lyrics touch on ideas like ‘I won’t let it bother me’. That has power, and value, and it works well within the reach of the music. The vibe is great, hopefully there’s more to come and a little more rawness to future performances, if possible

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.