BoiRazzta- Turn it Up “has an intense and creative vibe to it”

“has an intense and creative vibe to it”

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Turn it Up has an intense and creative vibe to it whereby both the instrumental elements and the vocal performances adjust and evolve throughout so as to form this seemingly disjointed yet undoubtedly characterful recording. The first few moments are briefly reminiscent of the occasional release from Tyler The Creator, though the development of the track, the introduction of certain instruments, the switch from the calm flow of the verses to the high energy strength of the hook, all leads you in some new and fairly unique direction.

The track is an enjoyable new release, the music is creative, as mentioned, and the whole thing has an initial effect that seems to stem further than the concept or the lyrics. The vibe of it all in fact underlines this whole ‘Turn it Up’ idea, it makes you want to do just that, and the production has been well executed to allow you to do so with nothing lacking at the end point.

There’s a very distinct beat and leading riff to the track, the latter of which comes into play a little later on in the piece. Both have a strong effect, and in fact the level of evolution and change within the few minutes of music is intense and works really well. At no point does anything get tiresome or overused. Plus, when you do start to pay more attention to those lyrics, you find yourself following these similes and metaphors intently to make sure you don’t miss anything. The whole thing as a pretty light hearted nature to it and this just makes it all the more easy to get into. The energy of the music and the performances passes onto you as you listen, as all effective music should be capable of.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.