What is Exposed Vocals?

Exposed Vocals is a great way to beef up your Electronic Press Kit and help build an online and offline authority. This is important for Radio Stations and Record Labels to take you seriously when you submit a demo.  Our team partners with other music platforms and FM Broadcast Stations to help get your music the meaningful exposure it deserves through authentic promotion at very little or no cost to our users.  We also use a very unique matchmaking software that automatically matches our users to exactly the type of industry connections they’re looking for.

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This is also a great way to meet new band members, find a Record Label and new fans!

We are an award-winning music exposure platform dedicated to providing musicians with authentic promotion and tools to successfully connect to the music industry and fans in a professional way. We offer Free Music Video Upload and Promotional options, FM Radio Plays in the U.S and the U.K through our Exposed Vocals Broadcast Partners Sponsorship Program and professional music reviews and interviews for our members to beef up their press kits or just help grow their fan base and online influence. We also have a chart rating system that allows you to climb our Unsigned Top Chart.

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Question? Email:  Help@ExposedVocals.com